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Compatible with Brightman only, Rust Proof Waterproof Anti-allergenic Snap-in Ceramic Blade Head Hygienic, 1 Pcs Black


Standard Size - Compatible for Brightman trimmer only. Packing only included 1 Pcs black ceramic blade.

Our Benefits of Blade Head - Our replacement blade head acts like a comb to double the comfort. The precise distance from the guard helps minimize scratches and cuts.

Easy to Use - Our replaceable blades simply push bottom of blade head, then Insert the new blade side up and press down to snap into place.

Premium Professional Ceramic Blade - Our snap-in blades are made of black ceramic material, ceramic blades are waterproof, rust, shock and slip resistant, more heat resistant than steel, so ceramic blades run smoothly and reduce wear.

Keep Trimmer Performance - It is recommended to replace the ceramic blade heads every three months to keep the blades sharp and give you a hygienic and smooth grooming experience for a long time, providing a more efficient and faster trimming experience than other trimmers.

Electric Hair Trimmer Replacement Blade

  • 1 Pcs black ceramic blade head

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